SEO in 2019

The Era of User Signaling, Image Optimization & Google My Business It’s that time of year again when we break out our crystal balls, put on our wizard hats and give our predictions for what the year 2019 will have in store for search engine optimization and digital marketing! Let’s rock. User Signals: Rewarding Websites…

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What Makes ‘Em Tick, What Makes ‘Em Click

Understanding User Intent Will Improve Your Conversion Rate (And SEO) To get more conversions, you have to take a step back and see the world through the eyes of your target audience. This requires checking the ego at the door and, in some cases, dumbing down your industry knowledge – at least for a little…

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Different Types of SEO Strategies

Foundation & Fluid SEO

Two Different (But Equally Important) Approaches to Search Engine Optimization Prior to 2018, you could watch an old, slow and spammy website with no mobile optimization regularly stomp your super-fresh site in the organic search rankings. This year, however, we’ve watched as giants fell and those that rested on their laurels lost big. Why were…

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How Russians Hacked the Election Digital Marketing

The Great Russian Electoral Catfish

How Russians Used “Good” Digital Marketing to Disrupt the 2016 Election On February 16, Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies for their alleged interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. The primary charge was “Conspiracy to Defraud the United States” – which is, coincidentally, what these entities would consider…

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How to choose the best SEO company

Searching for Search Specialists

What to Watch for While Hunting For an SEO Expert Any specialist in the game will tell you that the best SEO is done in-house. However, the amount of time it takes to learn the ropes and hone the craft is simply not feasible for many companies, so they choose to outsource these duties. With…

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Fake News vs. Digital Content Marketing

Clickbait, Fake News & Your Brand Reputation

A Conversation About Ethical Content Marketing Conduct The web world saw a lot of crazy things throughout 2016. Harambe took over our hearts, meme culture took over the internet and, worst of all, fake news took over our news feeds. The collective gullibility of the common man, coupled with clicks-for-profit strategies and lucrative AdSense campaigns,…

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Top 5 Google Analytics Questions & Misconceptions

Dig Deeper Into Website Traffic Data for a Better Impression of SEO & Site Performance Google Analytics is one of the most powerful and versatile digital marketing tools you can get your hands on. The best part? The Small Business version (which is more than enough for 96% of all companies) is FREE. However, a…

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Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Website Clean

Monthly Routine Maintenance for a Well-Groomed Site & Better SEO Much like the Rolling Stones in 1965, a dormant website can’t get no satisfaction. Broken links, faulty contact forms, stale content and images that look like they haven’t been changed since the days of grunge rock are all factors that could deter users from engaging…

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The New Age of Search Engine Optimization and UI

Combining Old School Marketing Strategy With New School SEO Tactics Flashback: MySpace was king, Miley Cyrus was still innocent, people bought the Nintendo Wii “for the exercise” and SEO was monkey simple. Search engine optimization throughout the 2000s was easy, man. Stuff your meta data, buy a bunch of irrelevant backlinks, copy and paste some…

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SEO Campaign Kickoff: You’re Late, But That’s OK

Create the Best Schedule For Your Search Engine Optimization Efforts The most common SEO question we get at ForeFront Web: Does search engine optimization even work? The most common follow up we receive after blowing a client’s mind with both researched data and our own anecdotal evidence: When should we start our campaign? The answer…

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