Fake News vs. Digital Content Marketing

Clickbait, Fake News & Your Brand Reputation

A Conversation About Ethical Content Marketing Conduct The web world saw a lot of crazy things throughout 2016. Harambe took over our hearts, meme culture took over the internet and, worst of all, fake news took over our news feeds. The collective gullibility of the common man, coupled with clicks-for-profit strategies and lucrative AdSense campaigns,…

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SEO Campaign Kickoff: You’re Late, But That’s OK

Create the Best Schedule For Your Search Engine Optimization Efforts The most common SEO question we get at ForeFront Web: Does search engine optimization even work? The most common follow up we receive after blowing a client’s mind with both researched data and our own anecdotal evidence: When should we start our campaign? The answer…

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To Blog or Not to Blog

A blog primer One of the questions that we get on a regular basis (it’s right up there with, “you don’t get out socially much, do you?”) is: “what is a blog and can it really help my business?” The easy part of the question is the definition – a blog (which is a geekspeak…

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