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What is the Best Ecommerce Site Development Platform?

Well, it all depends on your needs. Unlike most agencies that favor one ecommerce solution, we have experience with most of the major platforms. We let your specific needs dictate the platform, not the other way around. So whether you need a simple Shopify ecommerce solution or a more extensive Magento solution with ERP integration, we can help. This is just a partial list of platforms we have expertise with:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Bigcommerce
  • Open Cart
  • Magento
  • Custom ecommerce development solutions

A Little Bit More About Shopify

While we always opt to let the need dictate the platform, over the last few years the answer has increasingly been Shopify. It is one of the world’s leading hosted ecommerce solutions, and to put it simply, we’re ridiculously impressed. Shopify is outstanding entry-level solution, and over the years they have enhanced the platform to a point that it’s also a great option for multi-million dollar stores. Check out some of these ridiculously cool sites using Shopify:

Your Certified Shopify Experts

ForeFront Web is a proud Shopify Plus Partner (while there are thousands of Shopify Experts, there are less than 100 Shopify Plus Partners worldwide). We can help with any facet of your store, from design and development, to search engine optimization, to tracking and conversion improvements. Contact one of our ecommerce experts today – or set up a trial store for free!

Online Store Event Tracking for Interaction & Purchases

So how do you know what user layout and website design techniques are most effective for your ecommerce store? Well, heck we are glad you asked, and it is a good thing our group of data junkie web geeks believe in analytics so much, that they often give valuable analytics reporting as a birthday or anniversary gift. We still haven’t figured out why girlfriends, wives, and husbands don’t seem to respond well to this sentimental offering.

Google Analytics and inbound marketing software are not only essential for search engine optimization (SEO), but also phenomenal tools for behavior tracking when users interact with your site. By setting event tracking with Google Analytics, we can determine successful click paths that lead to sales (as well as ones that don’t), and we use inbound marketing software to maximize your conversion and revenue potential in your eCommerce business solution.

Payment Gateways – Merchant Services – Stop the Madness!

With any chosen ecommerce development platform, a payment gateway must be selected to process the cash and deliver it to your account. Various merchant service companies are so kind as to deliver your money for a small percentage of the transaction and an even smaller transaction fee. Yes, they always get ya one way or another, but are necessary to complete the purchase process.

The payment gateway options are often determined by compatibility with the selected ecommerce development platform. These include big dogs you may have heard of such as:

  • PayPal
  • Auth.Net
  • Stripe
  • … and many more

The best method of selecting your compatible merchant service is to compare your customer purchase patterns to determine which delivers the smallest cost for payment processing in transaction percentages and per transaction fees. We are big fans of saving you money when we design your ecommerce store and last time we checked, none of our customers ever wanted to spend more than they have to!

eCommerce Sites and Online Stores Should be Built to Sell Product!

This is a simple statement that may often elicit a resounding “duh!”, but sometimes the goal of selling products on an Ecommerce Website gets lost. How do we let this happen? It all starts with losing sight of the website design objectives. The greatest offenders often start with slider “stories”. Here is a slider tale to convey this point with an imaginary online lemonade distributor:

“I want 6 sliders on my Ecommerce site home page”:

  • Slider 1 – This is a picture of me with my first lemonade stand at age 4
  • Slider 2 – This is a picture of me winning a blue ribbon at the county fair
  • Slider 3 – This is an animated graphic of a pterodactyl flying down to the White House with tank of lemonade and Arnold Schwarzenegger on his back, using a hose to spray lemonade on a nuclear missile to short out the electronics in the warhead.

And so on. Now granted, the pterodactyl idea is pretty cool, but the cost for animation design and royalties to the Governator just may push this project out of budget. This web design plan also assumes that your customer is so interested in the story that they will watch 120 seconds of slider displays, rather than find the product they want to purchase in your online store. The last thing we want to do is distract people from clicking on the lemonade products BUY NOW button, which is what we really want. Where ecommerce site development is concerned, always keep your focus on selling your product.

I still want to include the pterodactyl and Governator animated slider in my ecommerce store design!

We have been waiting 16 years for a client to say this. 16 long years. Contact us today to learn more about how we can build your online empire!

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