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ForeFront Web is a one-stop shop web development firm based in Columbus, Ohio. That’s right, we do it all: from designing your website, to writing its content, enhancing it for search engine optimization and reporting the great news of progress back to you. And you better believe that we’re going to make sure your site is completely responsive and optimized for all devices, browsers and operating systems. When you choose ForeFront to handle your website, we become the worrisome, protective parents while you can take the role of the cool uncle and only deal with it when you want.

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If there’s one thing we know a great deal about, it’s website design. It’s in our name! ForeFront Web develops custom sites you can be proud of – stuff you can show off to your friends on a Friday night and use for a presentation Monday morning. All programming is done in-house. Functionality & aesthetic appeal are top priority. All pages are mobile-optimized and you can bet we’re going to make this business user-friendly. What do you need? A lead generation machine, an eCommerce powerhouse or a simple 24/7 business card that you can be proud of? No matter your need, we’ve got the design expertise to impress & the development skills to pay the bills.

Content Management Systems

This is just fancy talk for “making the Internet even easier for you.” Through the use of popular CMS services, such as WordPress, Shopify, Craft, Expression Engine, Joomla and Drupal, we make updating your site as easy as pie. And don’t worry – we’ll make sure you’re well-versed with your specific CMS before we turn you loose on the web.



If done correctly, a website can be optimized to appeal to both your target audience and top search engines – we’re talkin’ Google, Bing, etc. This means your website will appear at the top of the search list, resulting in more eCommerce transactions, a bunch of new business leads and even a loss of a few pounds from your waistline! Trust us. We’re SEO experts.



More and more, people are running from websites that are not mobile-friendly like it’s the zombie apocalypse. We can ensure that your site is mobile optimized and plays well with any device, operating system and window size. Want to see your website via the iPhone? Have at it! Want to see that bad boy up on the 60-inch big screen in all its glory? We’ll make it happen, captain!



Mobile app development is a designers playground. It’s where they get to spread their wings. It’s where they shine. And with the right combination of design and functionality, the application – with your name all over it – can find its way onto a great number of mobile devices. We sit down with you for a quick brainstorming session and come up with an idea that will truly set you and your brand apart from the rest of the pack, all while providing a great value to your audience.



Besides playing sandpit volleyball, making your company money is perhaps what ForeFront Web does best. We specialize in implementing your eCommerce program and designing your platform for optimal user experience. Our team maximizes your profitability by making the sales process easy for all. We also track leads, conversions and drop-offs, put it all in a nifty report and send it your way so you can see what a wonderful job we’re doing!

eCommerce Content Management Systems & Platforms

When it comes to managing, updating and keeping track of your online products and sales, we use the best tools in the business. Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, Bigcommerce and WooCommerce are our main eCommerce CMS platforms. We make it easy for users to pick up your product and make it simple for you to see the successes. In fact, we are actually certified Shopify Plus Partners!



Know what you want to say, but you just, like, don’t know how to say it? That’s why we’re here. Our content writing team crafts the words so you don’t have to. We review the product, research key targets, capture your voice and dish out the verbiage people love to read. Whether you’re in need of some light editing and occasional blog posting or you’re in need of a complete editorial overhaul, our journalists (that’s right!) have you covered. Alliteration. Eloquence. Articulation. ForeFront Web.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is the ultimate combination of free and paid services to make your site appeal to popular search engines. Looking for a quick boost in leads? Pay-Per-Click may be right for you. Also known as CPC, this service entails a good amount of researching and planning to make your online ad gain a ton of traction. Do you want do things the organic way? Our free-range SEO services may fit your coop. For many, a culmination of these methods is the way to go. Why not get the best of both worlds?

Banner Advertising, Targeted Ads & Brand Exposure

What’s easier than shooting fish in a barrel? Targeting key audiences and catering advertisement to them via the web. ForeFront can set you up with a targeted CPM, branding and impressions program with target viewers in mind. We’ll cater the campaign using geo-targeting based on zip codes, behavior tracking, age groups and more. Heck, we could probably find out just how many times your key targets call their mothers in a given week – if you need that sort of information.

Social Media Strategy & Planning

Those dang ‘ole social media websites don’t seem to be going anywhere, so why not take advantage of their marketing capabilities? With an expertise on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more, our social media team is well-equipped (with smart phones and more!) to hook you up and keep you in the real-time, Vine-like loop. We research your industry, build presence on the various platforms and we can even run the whole campaign for you. If not, we can teach you how to fish so you can handle the day-to-day social media operations. Either way, we’ll keep track of your progress so you can see how far you’ve come since day one.

Site Analytics & Reporting

When it comes down to it, the most important thing is that your site is functional and successful. That’s why be band together our resources and offer you a comprehensive report based on your specific site analytics. We see where you’re at, what is working and what could be improved.


Always In-House, Never Outsourced – USA, Baby!

Whether you’re in need of some tune-ups in the content marketing department or you’re desperate for a complete web design overhaul, we’ve got your back. We’re essentially the A Team of web development. Our troop of professionally-trained designers and developers are experienced in a multitude of coding languages. We’re pretty sure they literally survive on an exclusive diet of HTML code and Doritos. Seriously, you’re doing us a favor by making them work harder – saves on snack costs.

Unsure about what services your company needs? Not a problem! Drop us a line today & we’ll help you out!

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