Orthopedic One


Conversion Path Optimization & Multi-Channel Digital Marketing

ForeFront Web has a long-standing digital marketing partnership with Orthopedic One. Central Ohio’s largest network of orthopedic surgeons sees a tremendous amount of healthcare inquiries each day, so they needed a solution that would not only increase their digital exposure for higher-conversion SEO key terms, but also create a very particular conversion path for users to travel. We put our steady hands to task to ensure their success.

What They Needed

  • Complete website overhaul
  • Unique design, without being too flashy
  • Conversion path optimization
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Digital marketing consulting

The Anatomy of a High-Performing Website

What makes a user convert? What is a real “conversion?” If you can lead the horse to the river, how do you make it drink? These are the questions we asked ourselves before digging into this web project.

By design, the website is a marketing content machine. It touches on the very specifics of the surgeries and other orthopedic services the organization provides. We knew, from the beginning, that the whole thing was going to take off when Google indexed it, so we had to be 100% that users would know what to do when arriving. We focused our energies on creating a Physician Finder which quickly put potential patients in contact with the best physician or therapist that would fit their needs. This functionality continues to be one of the most highly-used facets of the site. We even added a background video to the homepage to imply motion and grab interest without being “too much.”

Multiple Locations, One Standard Contact Form for Appointments

Orthopedic One has a large amount of locations throughout the Columbus area, so they had to be sure not to alienate any users. The Locations page offers contact information for each property, along with some SEO-filled text that search engines find utterly delicious. Instead of creating a multiple forms for each location, ForeFront Web opted for just one, super-secure Appointment Request form that would then go to a single handler. This has made tracking conversions a breeze, while also making the life of the email recipient significantly more organized.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization & On-Going Digital Marketing

When this site went live, our work was far from over! In fact, we were just beginning. ForeFront’s digital marketing team created an intricate off-page SEO campaign designed to blanket the Central Ohio area for every single service they provided. Our team worked, specifically, to boost rankings in specific communities and to compete in competitive specialty realms. We continue to give guidance on all Adwords efforts, perform routine digital marketing consultation sessions and compile monthly SEO and website performance reports so the client can see their ROI in action.

The Outcome: Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Within 3 months, we noticed a 34% increase in mobile traffic to the site and a steady 62% boost of new users reaching contact us pages from mobile or tablets. Search engine rankings have risen across the board, especially for medical specialties, which has resulted in an additional 32% organic search traffic. An additional 49% of viewers now reach the Request an Appointment page from Google and Bing. Each month, Orthopedic One enjoys a solid 20-30 increase in new appointment requests when compared to the year prior. We have also used Google Tag Manager to watch the progress of the Adwords campaign and to gauge just how many more clicks-to-call they garner each month.

When it comes to Analytics, much like orthopedic surgery, it’s all about the details! And when your details look this good, you just have to show them off.