Filter Guru


When SEO & Great Project Communication Collide

It’s no secret: Shopify is surging ahead as the premier eCommerce platform. Luckily for y’all, we are certified Shopify Plus partners! So, when local HVAC air filter provider Filter-Guru came to us asking for assistance, we were more than prepared to answer the call! The company was spending too much on Adwords and not getting enough qualified traffic from this channel. ForeFront Web said “Why rent unqualified space when you can pay a mortgage on prime real estate?” The rest is history!

What They Needed:

  • Content Edits
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • On-Going Digital Marketing Consulting

No Filter: Transparent Client Collaboration & Reporting

To kick things off, we worked together to come up with a strategic keyword list – phrases we could target that:

  1. weren’t being completely dominated by conglomerates
  2. were getting a decent amount of monthly searches already
  3. were specific enough to be considered “high-conversion” searches

From there, we shut down the Adwords campaign completely, ditched the paid-for advertising on social media, implemented initial on-page SEO changes, worked in some content edits and built a firm backlink foundation.

Time to Take Down the Big Boys!

Department stores and chain retailers have saturated the HVAC market, but they do so on reputation alone. The little guy has to scratch, claw and climb their way to the top! And with Filter-Guru, that’s exactly what we did. We integrated keyword rich content to strategic landing pages to satisfy search engines, get the site indexed for more phrases and to score points with Google’s RankBrain. We started targeting more competitive keywords and watched as the new organic search traffic poured in. From time to time, the digital marketing team at ForeFront Web will sit down with these friendly filter folks and go over Call-to-Action changes, new acquisition channel possibility and social media strategies. We like to watch the little guy win big over the Goliaths of the world!

The Outcome: A Breath of Fresh Air

Our SEO team is its own biggest critic & even they say that this campaign has been a massive success! The Shopify-based site has enjoyed a 34% boost in overall traffic, while the organic channel has jumped 60%. Even though we ditched the paid-for advertising channels, the website traffic has continued to surge upward. But what does this mean for Filter Guru’s bottom line? Perhaps the most effective metric we have found is the overall site purchases & where they came from. On-site purchases soared 55.5% & that is thanks to a 127% increase in organic search conversions.

Our goal was to help these guys breathe a little easier & it’s safe to say we’ve done just that!