Aurum Brothers


Shopify Website Design for a Retailer

Our friends at Aurum Brothers make some of the most beautiful men’s bracelets in the world. Each stone tells a story, each bead is handcrafted for perfection. So, when they came to us in need of a fresh face, Shopify design enhancements and on-page SEO, we knew the real value would be woven in the details!

What They Needed:

  • Complete Design Overhaul for Homepage
  • Design Tweaks for Internal Pages
  • Engaging Marketing Content for Each Product
  • On-Page SEO for Collections Pages

A Face-Lift for an Internationally-Recognized Brand

The company was doing a great job with social media marketing and their organic search was doing relatively well, but the conversion rate was trailing behind their goals. So we dug deep into the Google Analytics of the site and established exactly where customers were jumping ship. These folks needed a clearer path to conversion. We successfully ditched the fluff, boosted the functionality, implemented strategic Calls-to-Actions (in all-the-right places) and gave the site a new personality. Instead of saying “web store,” it now says “Purveyor of exquisite bracelets, made with the purest stones this world has to offer; perfect for both the man in action & the man in thought.”

Content Marketing to Engage a Niche Audience

Part of Aurum Brothers’ brilliance is their mystique and elegance, which has helped them to establish in-depth buyer personas. They have a unique demographic that wants to be talked to in an almost enchanting manner. Customers are willing to pay for two things: immensely high quality bracelets and a metaphysical experience. Well, we juiced up our SEO specialist and had him spool up hyper-creative, yet true-to-the-stone product descriptions for each of their bracelets. Seriously. We could write a book about gemstones and their individual, abstract nuances and interpretations.