Worthington Foot & Ankle

ForeFront Web thoroughly enjoys working with organizations of all sizes! Our pals at Worthington Foot & Ankle needed a new site & some SEO-filled content to fill the pages. Our digital marketing specialist employed his best “Pain-Point Optimization” strategy to help propel this small business into the mobile-first era!

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Visitors positively stampeded to the new Worthington Foot & Ankle website when it was launched, thanks to some truly inspired SEO wizardry emphasizing location-relevant search terms and generally popular keywords. Mobile-first design and strategic calls to action helped drive a 144% increase in overall traffic, a 179% climb in organic search and a whopping 222% jump in mobile viewers, demonstrating the power of a site that can stand on its own two … well, you get the idea.

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Overall Traffic

Helped the site increase its overall traffic by 144% when compared year-to-year.

Organic Search

Their organic search channel leaped 179% as local and regional rankings surged!

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