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Our friends at Orthopedic One are the best at what they do, so when it came to a full website overhaul and digital marketing consulting we knew we had to outperform ourselves! From the engaging physician finder, to the innovative homepage design, to the on-going SEO campaign, to conversion path optimization, this site has taken off and more people are now reaching the best doctors in Central Ohio.

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From a convenient physician index on a new website to substantial mobile and organic search traffic from digital marketing, our work with Orthopedic One has had a transformative effect on the company’s online presence. First, we built a carefully designed site with a user-friendly physician locator function, an ultra-secure appointment request tool and lots of specifics on services and procedures, making the site irresistible to search engines. Then, we built an intensive off-page SEO campaign to boost rankings and drive traffic, with a bevy of reports for Orthopedic One to track progress, and the results – from a 32% increase in organic search traffic to a 62% boost in new users – send a powerful message.

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Organic Search Traffic

Search engine rankings have risen across the board, which has resulted in an additional 32% organic search traffic.

New Users

A steady 62% boost of new users reaching contact us pages from mobile or tablets.

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