Helping Aspiring CPAs Get Across The Finish Line

When we first engaged with MDS CPA Review, we found that they had an incredible, technology-driven CPA Exam Prep Course but not much in the way of marketing. So, we opened up our toolbox and gave it everything we had!

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From Inbound Marketing, To Outbound Messaging & Everywhere In Between

Starting out with on-page SEO, fresh content, backlink building and an AdWords push, the campaign quickly evolved over time to include the creation of a blog subdomain, new blog posts, LinkedIn advertising and social media posting.

This yielded decent results, but we don’t settle for “decent” around here!

Doing Everything We Can To Bring In Those Leads

So, we redesigned and rebuilt the entire website within the client’s monthly budget. The original platform was a custom-build that was quite difficult for most folks to make changes on – which is why we brought everything over to WordPress, including the blog site. On top of this undertaking, we started sending out drip marketing emails and set-up a retargeted advertising campaign to aid these efforts.

And This Is Our Favorite Part:

In the month of May 2020, we saw more Free Trial signups in 31 days than we did for the entirety of 2019 – and we saw almost double the amount of course purchases.  Quantitatively, we’re finding the right CPA candidates and creating an experience that inspires trust.

As many accountants can identify with: we’re happy with the outcomes so far, but there is always more work to be done!

Let's Look Into The Numbers

Overall Traffic

A sustained 72% increase in overall traffic year-over-year

Google Ads Traffic

173% increase in Paid Search traffic, despite not increasing the client's budget

Organic Search

Rolling 10% increase in Organic Traffic (month-over-month) in a saturated market