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Felbry College School of Nursing came to us with a website that was overdue for a check-up. The patient wasn’t terminal by any means, but it didn’t have a clean bill of health, either. We started with some significant changes to the navigation, making the site much better organized and easier to traverse. We also modernized the look, tweaked the layout and made some improvements to the visuals to better represent the school’s future-focused brand. On top of that, we improved functionality throughout the site, and boosted its SEO as much as we could. Not only is the new Felbry College site a force to be reckoned with in the nursing school industry, but we’re now working with Felbry on a Success Plan to bring the school an even greater rate of potential future students.

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Felbry's "Apply Now" page is getting 231% more visits.

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59% more visitors have been finding Felbry via organic search.