Fostering Better Engagement For This Adoption Website

Already playing a crucially important role with its mission of substantially growing the number of adoptions from foster care, the Dave Thomas Foundation came to us to build a new website that would make convenient and accessible all the resources visitors might need. We simplified access to the Foundation’s immense resource library, added tracking capabilities so they could see which campaigns were most effective and why, and set things up so they could quickly and painlessly add new content whenever a new campaign was launched. The results are crystal clear: major increases in downloads of resource and adoption guides, and big boosts to organic search traffic and conversion rates.

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What We Did For Them

Adoption Guides

148% increase in Digital Adoption Guide downloads when compared year-to-year

Resource Guides

159% increase in physical Resources Guide orders when compared year-to-year

Organic Search Traffic

A sustained 5% average increase in Organic Search month-to-month

Conversion Rate

19.9% of visitors submit a form, order a guide, make a call, download a resource or convert in some other way