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The Powers of On-Page SEO & Pain Point Optimization

When our friends at Worthington Foot & Ankle came to us, they did so with achy feet, having trod through a wave of website woes with painful hammertoes. They were ready to settle down and get the job done right – the first time.

What They Needed

  • Complete website overhaul
  • Mobile-first approach to UX
  • On-page SEO
  • A copious amount of content editing
  • Clear paths to conversion

Marching Orders Received, The Mission Begins

Everything began with content, as every web project at ForeFront Web does. Dr. Sarah was able to provide us with a substantial foundation based on her tremendous knowledge of foot-related health concerns and diseases. (We may know all about “footers,” but “feet” are not our forte!)

Next, we had to create a strong header hierarchy to help break up the text – this is where the real magic happened. Our in-house SEO guru sought out highly-searched, foot pain-related phrases in the Central Ohio area. Instinctively, we wanted the podiatrists to rank for “Podiatry Services Worthington Ohio,” but that’s not what people search. Real humans are searching “I think I sprained my ankle” and “Why does my foot feel like it’s on fire?” We implemented these phrases as headers in strategic locations, along with some umbrella SEO terms, to reach the real readers on the ground. This is what we call “Pain Point Optimization.”

Web Design for Podiatrists? Count Us In!

We then moved into the design phase. Mobile-first was the obvious complement to a strong on-page SEO focus. When 70% of searches are done via mobile, it only makes sense to spend a little extra time catering to this audience! “Make an Appointment” calls-to-action were strategically placed for optimal user experience and to improve website conversion rate. Text was broken up into blocks so as to not overwhelm the reader, but still supply them with all of the information they could want for the services they needed. We even found tasteful images of feet so as to not freak anyone out!

The Outcome: Happy Feet!

Overall Traffic

Helped the site increase its overall traffic by 144%

Organic Search

Their organic search channel leaped 179% as local and regional rankings surged!

Mobile Viewers

Mobile viewers increased by 222%

Contact Us Page

The Contact Us page enjoyed a 108% increase.


After the website launched, ForeFront Web tracked the Google Analytics metrics in a granular fashion. We not only helped the site increase its overall traffic by 144%, but their organic search channel leaped 179% as local and regional rankings surged. Mobile viewers increased by 222%, while that Contact Us page enjoyed a 108% increase.

Needless to say, with results like these, our friends at Worthington Foot & Ankle were jumping with joy.

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