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Combining a Legacy Partnership with New Age SEO Tactics

One of our long-time, wonderful partners wanted to enhance their search engine exposure and boost two growing facets of their business model: Business accounting services and SOC audit services. On top of this, they wanted to continue boosting the presence of their existing primary site.

What They Needed:

  • The ability to highlight niche accounting specialties
  • Hyper-local & national search engine penetration
  • User-Friendly CMS so team members could publish content
  • Multiple 1st-page search engine placements for competitive SEO key terms & phrases

What They Wanted: To Be #1 On Google, Of Course!

ForeFront Web’s team of SEO gurus had previously performed on-page enhancements for the company’s main website, which helped boost their rankings for industry-specific key terms, but there was only so much we could do on that website to boost for these distinct and in-demand services.

So, we created two new properties, from the ground up, to directly showcase their expertise in each field. ForeFront tricked-out those sites with some keyword rich URLs, localized content, proper header hierarchy, UX-based design and various other on-page SEO components. Both websites began to compete in an otherwise competitive market – but we wanted more.

What’s Next After The Initial SEO Gains?

We wanted quicker and stronger growth, so we created a custom link-building, blogging and social media signal strategy. Throughout the course of 6 months, we compiled upwards of 18 relevant backlinks for each property and properly linked them to specific landing pages with strategic anchor text phrasing. We have continued that hybrid digital marketing strategy, while adding a elements of AdWords to the mix to take up even more real estate on the front page and increase clicks-to-calls.

Using an Accounting Firm’s Multiple Areas of Expertise to Boost Local SEO

Google doesn’t really know what to think of a new site the moment you hit “publish.” The search engine needs direction to decide what you rank for. That’s where the on-page SEO and initial backlinking came into play. Each of the two “child” properties have seen solid local and regional success, ranking #1 for many of their primary service-related key terms. Both microsites routinely garner quality leads from organic search. The main mission of the campaign had been met, but perhaps the most intriguing byproduct of the entire endeavor was the positive impact the properties’ successes had on the main site. Not only did rankings go up across the board, organic search traffic saw a drastic increase increase, while the entire site enjoyed a 33% increase in monthly sessions. They doubled down on property building and continue to reap their rewards!

The True Power of Backlinking, Blogging & Doing It Right

Audit Site Traffic

1,200% increase in Overall traffic for audit site stemming from drastic national SEO gains

Small Business Site

235% increase in Organic traffic for small business services site from hyper-local SEO campaigns

Primary Website Traffic

A 25% average increase in overall traffic to the H&M primary site, year-over-year

Search Engine Rankings

Top search engine placement for each microsite for highly competitive keywords