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Website Design for a Big Engineering Organization – With a Niche

Back in the day, organizations could throw together a basic site, set it & forget it. But today, it’s all about changing to meet the ever-changing needs of your clients & potential customers. So when Dynamix Engineering Ltd. needed a facelift & a jet-pack push into the world of modern website design, we were right there, ready to orchestrate an innovative digital marketing plan of attack!

What They Needed:

  • Complete Design Overhaul of Main Site
  • Creation of a New Energy Services Sister Site
  • Mobile-First Approach to Digital Marketing
  • On-Page SEO on Both Properties

Using UX Data to Build a Proper Foundation

Research is a huge component of everything we do at ForeFront Web. We have a trailer full of analytic tools that helps us determine everything from SEO keyword competition, to optimal conversion paths for customers, to potential hazardous backlinks & everything in between. Our design and development team used everything (including the kitchen sink) to create a solid foundation that would be great for both users and search engines. As always, we approached this project in a mobile-first manner – which included a collapsible main navigation when using a smartphone. We also ensured that the back-end CMS would be incredibly intuitive for anyone who would be uploading new content to the site.

Leveraging Digital Marketing Expertise for Niche Services

Dynamix Energy Services has seen substantial growth in recent years, so it was in the company’s best interests to double down & create a specific web presence for this property. We used similar design elements for continuity sake, but made sure that each site had its very own personality. The energy services-specific website utilizes enhanced content marketing – incredibly necessary, as it was a brand new site. Each service has its own page with 350+ words of SEO-filled, engaging marketing text and baller case studies.

The Outcome: National Reach, Local/Regional Control

Overall Traffic

The main website has seen a 31% increase in overall site traffic

Organic Search Hits

A 27% increase in organic search hits

Mobile Traffic

A 102% boost in traffic from mobile devices

Contact Us Hits

A 20% jump in Contact Us hits


Direct from the horse’s mouth (Google Analytics), the main website has seen a 31% increase in overall site traffic, a 27% increase in organic search hits, a 102% boost in traffic from mobile devices and a 20% jump in Contact Us hits. As for the Energy Services site, we don’t have much to compare it to, as it was a newborn website when it launched, but you’ll be hard-pressed to not find their name on the first page for any of the niche energy engineering services they offer in the regional area.

Dynamix Engineering Ltd. keeps the world green and we keep their site running clean!

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