Take A Peek

Showcasing a National Park

The Cuyahoga Valley National Park is stunningly beautiful, and deserved a website to match. Our people went to work with the great team at the Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park and created a site that captures the grandeur of the park.

What They Needed:

  • Stronger visuals that better represent the park
  • A more intuitive user experience with simplified navigation
  • User-Friendly CMS
  • Easier avenues for patrons to give back to their park

Leading Visitors to Their Desired Destinations

When handed the keys to the previous website, ForeFront noticed there wasn’t a clear direction for any one user to travel down. There were a lot of great things going on, but it lacked a strategic roadmap (or trail guide) for visitors to follow. Our first step was to create a hierarchy of what users wanted most out of the site and use that to dictate the overall design. Space rentals were top priority, as backed by Google Analytics data. Concert venue information, camping planning and volunteering opportunities closely followed. All if this information is readily available with just a simple click of the “Experience” button in the main navigation!

On top of this, we promptly implemented proper 301 redirects to ensure any visitors trying to get to old pages would reach their new destination. Not all who wander are lost – but we also want to make sure no one falls off the path!

Letting People Make Their Mark On The Park

If passion is the primary driver for the Cuyahoga crew, donations, sponsorships and gifts are the fuel that allows the engine to keep running. The Conservancy offers patrons the opportunity to sponsor an acre in their favorite part of the park, pay tribute to a loved one with a memorial gift or attend an annual fundraising event. However, these opportunities were hard to find on the previous website. We were able to bring all the options together for philanthropic visitors to explore.