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What Is Mobile-First Indexing, and Should I Worry?

On July 1, 2019, Google will move to mobile-first indexing by default for all new websites. Throw that out at your next social gathering, and just guess who the big hit of the party will be. Obviously, when you put something like that out there, you’ll be inundated with frantic questions and panicked reactions. Rest…

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Outsource AdWords Management

Paying for PPC Marketing

What to Expect When You Outsource AdWords Management The easiest way to get to #1 on Google for literally any phrase is to toss some money at AdWords and outbid the highest bidder. Still, though that method may be the simplest, it is not the smartest, nor is it the most cost-effective. Setting up an…

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What Is Digital Marketing & Why Does It Matter?

I love this business. And I have for more than 18 years – more if you count all the geekery I did before officially launching ForeFront. And one of the reasons for my affinity is the ever-changing nature of the industry, which works well with my attention span. Everyone here learns on a daily basis,…

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WordPress: Should I Buy a Theme or Have One Custom Built?

How to Get a Great Site and Avoid Common Mistakes WordPress is an interesting beast. It’s not often (outside of ecommerce platforms) for prospective clients to specify the platform for a site build, but for the last few years, WordPress is the regular request. That’s fine with us, since we know it like the lyrics…

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SEO in 2019

The Era of User Signaling, Image Optimization & Google My Business It’s that time of year again when we break out our crystal balls, put on our wizard hats and give our predictions for what the year 2019 will have in store for search engine optimization and digital marketing! Let’s rock. User Signals: Rewarding Websites…

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Grading Our 2018 SEO Predictions

At the start of the year, we highlighted a couple of trends that we thought would be at the forefront (see what we did there?) of digital marketing strategies. Let’s go through the list to see how we did. 1) Cybersecurity & Trust As predicted, this was a big issue in 2018, and we even…

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2019 Digital Marketing Checklist

1) Don’t Neglect Your Social Media Presence Another year has come and gone, and many companies have failed to pull their social media accounts off the back burner. If you’re looking to improve your company’s brand through digital marketing, a good place to start is by creating or updating your social media presence. How often…

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The New Old ForeFront Web

  “In this world, you’re either growing or you’re dying so get in motion and grow.” – Lou Holtz A (Very) Little History A few years after college, I landed my first job within the technology sector. For a lifelong geek during the dawning of the Internet age, I couldn’t have been happier. I spent…

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What Makes ‘Em Tick, What Makes ‘Em Click

Understanding User Intent Will Improve Your Conversion Rate (And SEO) To get more conversions, you have to take a step back and see the world through the eyes of your target audience. This requires checking the ego at the door and, in some cases, dumbing down your industry knowledge – at least for a little…

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Different Types of SEO Strategies

Foundation & Fluid SEO

Two Different (But Equally Important) Approaches to Search Engine Optimization Prior to 2018, you could watch an old, slow and spammy website with no mobile optimization regularly stomp your super-fresh site in the organic search rankings. This year, however, we’ve watched as giants fell and those that rested on their laurels lost big. Why were…

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