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What Does a Typical ForeFront Web Project Look Like?

Successful projects are a result of realistic timelines and eagerness to hit those deadlines. ForeFront Web is adamant about smoothing out potential bottlenecks in the process and adhering to milestone dates. We are incredibly transparent during the web design project journey and will address any hangups and delays along the way. We want a successful, timely launch just as much as you do!

You Contact Us
We schedule a phone call or Meeting
We build a preliminary scope & budget
You sign off
Kickoff & Discovery
Content Creation
Website Launch
30-Day Analytics Review
Success Plan Commences

The Preliminary Period: Initial Contact, Scope of Work & Budget

We’ll get a basic idea of your project’s scope of work and preliminary project expectations with this initial contact. From here, we will gather enough information to create a granular scope of work with an accurate budget for your review. Once you sign off, ForeFront Web gets to work!

Are we a good fit?

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Phase 1: Where the Discovery Happens

Nothing around here is cookie-cutter. There are no boilerplate options for the projects we handle. We take the time out to really learn your organization – what is your mission, your messaging, your goals? What do you want out of your website? What constitutes a “conversion” for you? Where have other web companies failed you in the past?

The kickoff meeting is typically an in-person gathering, when possible, but sometimes a phone call can suffice. We agree upon a sitemap and wireframe for the entire website. Our SEO/content writing team conducts an interview about your services and then they get to writing. Once you have approved the content, we move on!

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Phase 2: Where the Pretty Things Happen

Phase 2 is, most often, the Design chapter of the story. Our design team combines all of your inspiration sites with their own original creative ideas, proper color theory and established UX best practices to create an initial design iteration for your review. Typically, we hit the nail on the head with our first design (with a few modifications), but if we totally miss the mark, ForeFront Web will draft up a new iteration for your review and approval.

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Phase 3: Where the Real Magic Happens

At this point, we have all of the supplies we need to build the site and the blueprint to lead the way – which brings us to the Web Development phase! Our team of in-house developers starts hammering away at the keys to create your dream site from the ground up, using the platform of your choice and installing the functionality we’ve agreed upon. All work is performed on a development site so your current website doesn’t have to go dark for any extended period of time.

Once we have completed the Alpha/Beta testing phases and squashed all the bugs we can find, ForeFront Web will turn off the lights of your old site and bring the new one to life! We also employ a 30-day Google Analytics and performance review to ensure everything works properly.

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Phase 4: Where the Success Happens

Even though your site has been pushed live for the world to see, that does not mean our work is done. Not by a long shot. Sure, we built your site with the best SEO, design & UX practices in mind, but these facets of the digital marketing experience are constantly evolving. Competitors are always improving. And Phase 4, the Success Phase, is where you will thrive.

You can choose from any of our monthly Success Plans (Marketing, Development or Hybrid) and we will continue our push to the top.

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Social Media
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On-Page & Off-Page SEO
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Monthly Reporting
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UX Tweaks

These Success Plans Often Include:

  • Social Media Management
  • Content Marketing & Blog Writing
  • Digital Marketing Training
  • Additional On-Page SEO
  • On-Going Off-Page SEO
  • AdWords Campaign Management & Consulting
  • In-Depth, Monthly Reporting
  • Functionality Changes & Additions
  • Design & UX Tweaks

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