ForeFront Web’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

With more than 18 years of experience under our belts, its safe to say we’ve heard just about every question there is to ask in the industry – at least for now. However, some inquiries pop up far more often than others. We’re in the business of saving you time, so we’ve compiled those questions and matched them with our 100% transparent answers based on our industry experience. And, as we move forward, we will dig deeper into each topic and give even stronger answers in the form of blog posts and case studies!

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1. How Long Does It Take To Design & Build a Website?

It all depends on the size of your project and how efficiently we can work through the content development phase. We have a dedicated content marketing team to help facilitate that process and the collaborative tools we use for assembling the content make the process super simple. Once that process is completed, a typical web project (design, development, staging, bug fixes and approval) takes between 12 and 20 weeks. But once again, it really depends on your functionality! Need a complete document library or in-depth price estimator? It may take a little longer. Simple marketing site? Expect to be on the lower end of that range!

2. Do You Provide Training on Using the CMS?

Of course! Post-launch, we will meet with you and your team to “hand over the keys to the car.” You’ll know how to add content, change out images, create new pages, etc. We want you to be able to use this website long into the future! ForeFront Web is a firm believer in allowing our clients to have full control over their sites and transparent access to their Analytics.

3. When Will I Begin Seeing Results in Traffic & Conversion?

There is no set amount of time that can be guaranteed for when your website will see success. This is because it is impossible to predict search engine algorithm shifts, regional search competition and user behavior. However, we’ve seen sites take off in just 2 weeks, some within a month, though the average is about 3 months before sustainable traction can be proven through reporting. Because we set up Google Analytics, we can report our findings and the successes of your site as we move forward.

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4. Can You Just Perform SEO on My Current Site?

Technically, yes. There’s a variety of SEO services we offer that can boost your search presence and domain authority. However, in our experience, it helps to have full control over the web property and its performance. Say you have a piece of functionality or design that is hindering mobile optimization and speed – if we can’t amend that component, we can’t optimize one of the top 5 SEO ranking factors. And think about it: suppose we send 1,000 new people to your site because of increased organic search rankings and traffic, but the UX is fundamentally flawed and the conversion path is broken, we’ve simply brought 1,000 horses to water – we can’t get them to drink.

That’s not to say we haven’t come across some stellar websites that just needed some content marketing and minor SEO help! If your site passes that test, we can sure just do it all from your current site!

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5. How Much Will Everything Cost?

The cost of a website depends on a variety of factors – you’ll hear that a lot while searching for quotes! Each company is different in their needs and it also depends on the other functionality factors such as working with a previous database/API or implementing software within your website such as Shopify? For a ballpark range, give us a shout and we’d be happy to learn a bit more about your project and at least give you a range. Completing an initial discovery meeting is one of the most transparent looks into how much a website cost you’ll find around these parts!

6. If I Don’t Sell to a Consumer, Why Do I Need a Website?

Honestly, you may not! But if you value brand reputation and complete control over your messaging, a website can act as both a 24/7 business card and trustworthy PR agent. We’ve worked with plenty of behind-the-scenes suppliers that just needed a simple web presence to show investors or buyers. Sure, SEO may not be at the forefront of your needs and “gaining leads” isn’t what you’re looking for, but when someone searches your brand name, they should be directed to a page that you can be proud of. Something that tells your story. Something that you can control and paints you in the best light possible – not your personal Facebook page, your embarrassing old MySpace or a Google My Business profile that was generated automatically.

7. How Do I Know You’re the SEO Experts?

Many, including us, claim to know the ins-and-outs of SEO, but what makes us different? We offer monthly reporting and ridiculous transparency with our results and methods to prove to our clients that our services are getting you a ROI. Seriously. We are more than willing to give you the “secret sauce” and show you how to do it all – because we know you could do it yourself! However, we also know that we can do it the best.

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8. What Happens After You Launch Our Site?

We like to say “once your website goes live, 20% of our work remains.” We have a checklist of post-launch tasks that we complete and provide 30 days of bug fix time, reporting and basic upkeep. This ensures that your site is ready to handle all the new traffic and that Google fully recognizes you as an SEO player in your respective industry.

After that 30 days expires, we can continue helping you with marketing, development or a hybrid of the two on a month-to-month basis! Looking to boost your SEO rankings, increase conversions and add blogs to your site? Need additional functionality to ensure your website is scalable? Take a look at our Success Plan options and see which is best for you. We truly enjoy continuing to work with organizations after their websites go live – selflessly, because we want to put in the additional work necessary to help you reach further success; selfishly, because we want to watch closer as the successes pile up, knowing we played a direct role in them!

9. Who Is the Creepy Kid on the Home Page?

Ah yes, Punchy McPunchface.

Punchy was sort of our “site mascot” for a long time, when part of our identity was that of the perennial underdog – the “we may be number 2, but we fight harder” mentality. We’ve outgrown that somewhat (international work and industry recognition will do that), but we will never abandon our scrappy mentality.

We had planned to retire Punchy (he’s been angry for a long time, and that can be tiring), but our superstitious owner won’t let us. Sorry.