Determining Our Professional Compatibility Rating

Over the last two decades, we have worked with all types of companies – from single-person operations, to enterprise-level corporations, to small businesses and everything in between. While we would love to be everything to everyone, we have grown in a direction that allows us to define our best potential clients and at the same time allows potential clients to determine whether or not we are the best fit for them!

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Who Are You?

  • Business Owner – We truly value the entrepreneurial spirit – after all, we are a small business ourselves! We fully comprehend your struggles, pain points and goals. Not only will we build you something pretty that you can be proud of, but we’re going to make sure it brings you leads.
  • Marketer – Digital marketing is at the heart of everything we do. Sure, we take a web-first approach, but everything boils down to how we can help increase your ROI. From complete control of your marketing, to our month-to-month Success Plans, to our consulting services, we can help you out.
  • Web Admin – Hate your current site? Are you lacking full control over updates, edits and, ultimately, your own success? We’re here to help you take back control. Custom WordPress sites are our forte and, as luck would have it, they’re one of the easiest platforms to work with!

What Exactly Do You Need?

  • A Completely New Website – Perfect! You’re in the right place. We can dig into the details, learn about your company and its goals, build you something awesome and make sure it performs at the highest level.
  • A Facelift For a Current Site – Need a simple refresh for your existing site? Not a problem! Our designers and developers (most of the time) can work within your framework to deliver a better user experience and give the whole thing a new feel.
  • A Mobile Optimized Site – As the years roll on, an increasing amount of web traffic is derived from mobile devices. We’re talking 52% of all traffic now! The good part? We build websites that are mobile-first, mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized across all browsers and devices.
  • A Pretty Design – Need a site with an aesthetic you can be proud of? This is where our creative design team thrives! They take your vision, weave in their own perspective and craft something gorgeous for the world to envy.
  • A Trustworthy Partner – You don’t remain in the digital marketing world for more than 18 years without an excellent reputation. How have we stuck around so long? Our transparency and openness with clients. There are no secrets. No smoke. No mirrors.
  • A Long-Term Partnership – A strong number of our current clients are either returning customers or part of our Success Plan program. If you’re looking for a partner for the long term, go with the team with a stellar retention rate and an average monthly retainer lifespan of more than 2 years.
  • A Customized eCommerce Website – Looking to build your digital empire? We’re the partner for you. With a wealth of experience and expertise with top eCommerce platforms (WooCommerce, Shopify & Magento) we can either completely build the site for you or guide you along the way.
  • A Blog Website – The strong majority of our websites come with a blog section built in. We even have ways of making it the primary focus of the entire site! However, if you’re looking for JUST a blog, you can probably create that on your own, at a way lower cost, with a little guidance from our squad.

Where Does It Hurt?

  • My Website is Trash – Alright, we’ve heard that before! And have developed a strategy to help you feel differently. Come into our office (or set up a call), meet with our team, express your concerns and we’ll build out a strategy for a site you can be proud of.
  • I Can’t Update My Site – Stuck in a crappy situation with an old web developer that has held your site hostage or will only make updates for an outlandish hourly fee? We’re here to set you free! After we rebuild your site and launch it, we hand over the keys to the car to you. You’ll have full control!
  • My Site Just Looks … Old – The typical lifespan of a solid site is ~3-5 years. Design trends change, the ways users interact with sites change and Google’s algorithms change. We stay on top of all of these modifications and give you the best in terms of modern web design and development, optimizing your site’s shelf life.
  • My Site Looks Bad on Mobile – As mentioned, mobile-optimization is critical in today’s age. We can build you a new site that looks fantastic across all platforms and browsers. 52% of Internet traffic is made up of mobile users, the numbers for Google searches are even higher. It’s time to enter the mobile era!
  • My Traffic & Leads Have Run Dry – Our digital marketing services are second to none because we take such a vested interest in your success. From SEO, to content marketing, to AdWords management and much more, we can bring more traffic to your site. Not only that, but we can make them convert with our UX-first designs!

How Quickly Do You Need It?

  • Eh, It Doesn’t Matter – If you don’t have a project timeline in mind, that’s completely OK! We can help carve out the perfect strategy for your organization and create a timeline/completion date for you.
  • 2-3 Months – This is the ideal expectation! We are more than happy to work within this project timeline. As the old saying goes: Rome wasn’t built in a day – but it did actually get built in a timely manner!
  • Yesterday, NOW, ASAP – Ease up on the throttle, friend! In our experience, too much rushing and urgency can actually stall a project – or end up with a less-than-ideal result. Some of our projects can begin today, very basic site builds can take a minimum of 6 weeks, but a typical website takes 2-3 months.

What Made You Want a New Site?

  • A Major Competitor Just Relaunched One – ForeFront Web is a category killer. Your competition thinks they just launched the latest and greatest site out there? We’re here to not only match it, but outperform it by filling in their gaps and surging to the top of SEO rankings.
  • I’m Just Sick of Our Current Site – If you can’t stand your site, your visitors may be in the same boat. It’s time for change – and we are the catalyst. With your best interests at heart, we will build you something fresh. Something you can look at everyday and think “Oh, ain’t this thing beautiful?”
  • We’re Launching a New Business or Service – Whether you need to make your initial mark in the digital marketing sand or you need a stronger showing for a new service, ForeFront Web can build a site that will not only effectively communicate your message, but bring in more buyers and leads.
  • Sales Have Either Stalled or Decreased – This is exactly where we shine. Our digital marketing team will do all the research necessary to help bring those leads and sales back to life. From enhanced user experience, to higher search engine rankings, to setting you apart via content, we do what it takes to help make you more money.

So, Who Is ForeFront Web Right For?

  • Small Businesses, Especially in the Service Industry – Throughout our 18+ years of experience, we have worked with an overwhelming amount of small businesses in the services, healthcare and tourism industries. This is our bread and butter. Need to break new ground in your industry and oust the competition? Right here. That’s us!
  • eCommerce Entrepreneurs – We match your passion and drive with our very own. We leverage our industry experience and expertise to help turn your idea from idea, to virtual storefront, to digital empire! Already have a store and just need consulting guidance? We’re here!
  • Enterprise-Level Businesses & Corporations – ForeFront Web’s comprehensive approach to digital marketing is a perfect match for large scale companies. We can fill the gaps in your team, and you can “dial us up” whenever you need help. We can improve your digital marketing, enhance your user experience and develop new website functionality – all under one roof.

Who Isn’t the Right Fit?

  • One-Person Operations – In our experience, single-person operations typically aren’t willing to commit to the budget we would need to have the desired impact. However, we can help guide you well into the future on a web consulting basis! We’re all for teaching you how to perform well.
  • Bloggers – In our experience, solo bloggers do not have budget ideas that match up well with our pricing. However, we’re happy to show you how to build your own custom blog and teach you how to write for SEO as you move forward.
  • Businesses With No Digital Marketing Budget – If you have not locked down a budget for your digital endeavors, we will most likely not be a great fit. We are not the cheapest website developers out there. However, we are one of the absolute best – especially in Central Ohio.

What Doesn’t ForeFront Web Do?

  • Hold Your Site Hostage – Once your project is launched, we give you everything you need to walk away from us completely! Our hope is that we’ve left such a great impression that you’ll want to continue the partnership long into the future.
  • Custom Shopify Functionality – We’ve learned that some platforms are just too solid to break. And, if we can’t break it down, it’s hard to build it back up with our own customization. While we can work in some functionality changes, complete custom apps are best left to our strategic partners.
  • Take Ourselves Too Seriously – We’re relatively laid back socially, but incredibly motivated professionally. We’ll gladly talk shop on a Friday afternoon over a game of disc golf, but if you have constructive criticism, we will listen. This is your vision! We want you to see it through.
  • Waste Your Time – ForeFront Web isn’t in the game of padding stats and giving you information you don’t need. We won’t bring you in for meeting after meeting only to find out we’re not the best fit! Nobody wants that. We understand that your time is valuable. We respect that. And the way we show that respect is through honesty and transparency.

Why Should We Partner With You?

  • You Like What You See – That portfolio section really catch your eye? Awesome! We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve published. And we look forward to adding your project to that section of amazing sites.
  • You Like What You Read – If you haven’t found out by now, we’re very direct folks over here. And we’re quite honest. Our team isn’t afraid to break things down for you or speak at the highest level possible – whatever you need to understand the information. We speak in a different tone than some other stuffy guys in the industry. It’s how we roll.
  • You Trust the Process – “Trusting the Process” isn’t just a slogan for the 76ers. ForeFront Web has established a time-tested mechanism that produces exceptional results time and time again. While we are constantly refining our strategies and researching new tactics, the basic foundation remains the same. As long as you never give us up, we’ll never let you down.

And Why Shouldn’t We Partner With You?

You Want to Boss Someone Around – While we love constructive criticism, we also emphasize that we are web experts. It’s what we do (it’s all that we do!), and we bring a ton of creative energy and expertise to the table.  If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency that will simply take orders, we are not the best fit.

You Want a Super Cheap Website – Looking for the cheapest website on the block? We’re not the right group for you. Our pricing is incredibly fair for the results that we produce and, if you’re looking for a $500 site, you’ll never get the type of performance we can deliver. You get what you pay for and, for $500, you can check out Wix or any other low-performing website builder/templates.

You Hate Fun – ForeFront Web is a fantastic group of individuals that gets stuff done – and we also like having fun. We speak eloquently when necessary, but you’ll get straight talk from us most of the time. The occasional joke, pun, meme or nerdy reference will likely come your way at some point. We are all professionals and experts in our respective fields. But we’re also real people! If you’re not down with that, no problem, we’ll be having fun with our clients!

So, We Are a Good Match – What Happens Now?

You reach out to us! We talk about your project, ambitions and goals. Then, we get to work.

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