Web Design Columbus Ohio

No socks required, pocket protectors optional.

ForeFront is a full-service web design firm; we handle web development projects from start to finish.

This encompasses:

Creating a website without a solid strategy is like walking around with a live chinchilla on your head. You could do it, but it's probably a dumb idea (and annoying to chinchillas).

There's a lot that should be considered when building a site - everything from color theory to prospective audience demographics to "call to action" items and much more. We'll work with you to develop a strategy - and even qualifiable metrics so we'll all know if your website is having the desired effect. And we'll leave all the chinchillas alone.

For now.

One word: skeuomorphism. Ok, so it's a long, odd word. It was also all the rage for years when developing websites and apps. Now, it's as dated as green shag carpeting (which we've heard is coming back, and we couldn't be happier).

Point is, it's not enough to be good at web design. Good designers also have to be students of design, perpetually learning and evolving. We not only have great designers, but also user experience experts that understand how users see websites and how they interact with them. Put it all together, and you get websites that "flow" - websites that succeed because people just like to use them.

PHP. Ruby. MySQL. JavaScript. Unicorns. Rails. SASS. Static Site Generation.

If you recognize all of those acronyms and terms, congrats; please pick up your propeller hat.

If you don't, it's ok, we got this. ForeFront programmers spend (on average) two hours per day reading and learning. In this business, it's the only way to keep your programmings skills razor sharp.

Well, that and coffee. LOTS of coffee.

While it might be hard to imagine, we can write normal website copy, without making jokes or referring to livestock (we're not sure how that keeps happening). We're pretty darn good at it, as a matter of fact.

So whether you simply need some guidance on how to write good web copy, or proofing/augmenting, or someone to write all the copy for your site, we have you covered.

Especially if your site has to do with monkeys or forest creatures.

What good is a website if no one can find it? It's about as useful as a pogo stick without the pogo-ey part.

We build all our sites with solid basic SEO principles, and we also have a full suite of SEO services.

Already have a site and just need some Google love? We can help - we'll put the pogo right back in your stick.

We do host websites, and are proud to say we host all sites with Rackspace, one of the largest and awesomest (seems appropriate to use here) web hosting companies in the world.

In the seven years we've been with them, we've never lost a site or experienced downtime. Put simply, they rock.

Our Motivation

Your web site can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line - a well designed site can generate a huge buzz. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true.

As much as we love to get compliments about our website designs (they ARE quite nice), what really gets us fired up is hearing how much additional business those sites are generating. THAT is our motivation, and it's something overlooked by many other web development firms.

We don't just build a site and hand it over - we take it upon ourselves to work with you and make sure you get all the benefits the web has to offer.

It's how we roll.

Our Web Design Services

Custom Web Designs

We're fortunate to have in-house designers who can create just about anything you dream up. They are experts at digitally reproducing your vision, even if you can't completely picture it yourself! In touch with current trends without being trendy, our designers are experts at responsive design, mobile first strategies, and just about anything else the web can throw at us.

In-House Web Programming

We have nothing against foreign programmers (we do have a Ukrainian, after all), we just prefer that they work here in our Columbus headquarters. So we can apply backslaps (or headslaps) when needed.

Complete SEO Services

Ah, SEO. The joy of weaving phrases like SEO columbus into readable web copy (see what we did there?). Search engine optimization is like grabbing a greased squid while wearing boxing gloves, but we just happen to have highly skilled boxing glove clad squid grabbers. Hit us up for some pretty amazing success stories, and you'll see what we mean.

Mobile Apps

If you happen to be in need of mobile app development, we can help! Our services range from simply brainstorming with you (we love us some brainstorming) to full development of utilities, games and complex apps for both iOS and Android.