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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an incredibly critical component of proper website development. For those of you who are building a web geek repertoire of acronyms, SEO is the practice of "optimizing" a website in order to place high in search engine results – we're talking Google, Bing and the rest of the web content curation crew.

We have provided SEO services for more than 10 years – this was before people even knew how to spell “SEO.” Throughout the years, ForeFront has watched search engines change and we've adapted our practices to appease the almighty power of Google. We've helped scads of clients (yes, scads) achieve top rankings. Along the way, we've seen some pretty incredible success stories. Our team has seen the unlimited power of SEO and the incredible effect it can have – when done correctly.

Minimize the Possibility of Google Penalty

Unfortunately, we've also seen poorly planned SEO campaigns damage domains. We've had to rescue quite a number of sites, typically ones with dirt poor rankings thanks to well-intentioned-but-poorly-executed search marketing programs (overseas backlink generating companies, anyone?). Did you know your site could be suffering from a Google penalty and you might not even know? Talk to one of our experts today - we'll do a free evaluation of your site and let you know what's up. Don't let your pages go poorly ranked. They deserve a good home. (Cue “Arms of an Angel” by Sarah McLachlan.)

WARNING. . . lots of geekspeak ahead. Do not proceed unless you have a burning desire to know stuff that will make people look at you funny at cocktail parties. Don't ask us how we know that happens.

Looking for a quick and flashy overview about this whole “Search Engine Optimization” thing and how you can make substantial ranking gains? Be sure to check out our SEO infographic:

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Of algorithms and whatnot

The three major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) have their own set of super-secret rules – or algorithms – that they use to determine what site will show up first when a particular term is searched for. Even though the "formulas" are top secret, programmers worldwide share their knowledge of best practices and techniques that have been proven to please the Search Engine Overlords. The problem? These formulas are shaken up - not stirred - on a regular basis, causing all those programmers to scurry around, willy-nilly, developing new techniques without abandoning some of the good practices of yesteryear. It's probably the most dynamic part of web development (speaking strictly in a geek sense).

Our SEO experts spend their time staying up to date on all this knowledge and talking about analytics and algorithms at social gatherings – but not so loud that the competition may hear. They like to boast about proven successes and tell stories of how they helped create highly ranked websites.

SEO Reporting Software

SEO columbus ohioPerhaps the biggest downfall of SEO is the mystery that surrounds it. You hire someone to optimize your site, they tamper around a bit and then they go away. At some point, they return to tell you that the work has been done and your site will soon skyrocket up the charts. That takes a lot of faith and hope - and risk.

ForeFront Web has the solution to alleviate the risk: intensive and insightful SEO reporting. You get to see exactly what work is being done, up-to-the-minute key phrase performance, how many backlinks your site has gained and even a full report on other keywords that are being influenced! We will even throw in some extra goodies: new key phrases you should be shooting for, niche phrases your company could cash in on and wordsmithing methods that will help you tap into target industry audiences you want to reach.

We stand confident in our SEO work - there's no hiding here. You'll see exactly how your site is performing; no black magic, no more mystery. ForeFront Web lays it all out there for you.

SEO can be completed as a part of a site rebuild project, or can be done for an existing site. Contact us to see what we can do for your site!

On page

Full services to optimize your site and make it pretty for Google and friends.

Off page

Backlinks are still ridiculously important, but can be complete time bombs if done incorrectly.

Paid Search

Pay per click campaigns make sense in certain situations. We can help figure out what's right for you.

ForeFront Web provides SEO in Columbus and throughout the US. Contact us today - we love talking search!