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SEO to our friends.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an incredibly critical component of proper Web site development. For those that are building their web geek repertoire of acronyms, SEO is the practice of "optimizing" a web site in order to place high in search engine results.

For an overview, be sure to check out our SEO infographic:

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WARNING. . . lots of geekspeak ahead. Do not proceed unless you have a burning desire to know stuff that will make people look at you funny at cocktail parties. Don't ask us how we know that happens.

Of algorithms and whatnot

The three major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) have their own set of super-secret rules - or algorithms - that they use to determine what site will come up first when a particular term is searched for. Even though the "formulas" are secret, programmers world-wide share their knowledge of best practices and techniques that have been proven to please the Search Engine Overlords. The problem is that the formulas are shaken up on a regular basis, causing all those programmers to scurry around willy-nilly developing new techniques. It's probably the most dynamic part of web development (speaking strictly in a geek sense).

Our SEO experts spend their time staying up to date on all this knowledge sharing (sounds exciting, huh) and we've proven our success at getting sites highly ranked.

SEO Reporting Software

SEO columbus ohioPerhaps the biggest downfall of SEO is the mystery that surrounds it. You hire someone to optimize your site, they go away, then at some point tell you that the work has been done and your site will soon skyrocket up the charts. That takes a lot of faith and hope - and risk.

ForeFront Web has the solution to alleviate the risk: our new SEO reporting software. You get to see EXACTLY what work is being done, up to the minute key phrase performance, how many backlinks your site has gained - even a full report on other keywords that are being influenced!

That's how confident we are in our SEO work - there's no hiding here. You'll see exactly how your site is performing; no black magic, no more mystery.

SEO can be completed as a part of a site rebuild project, or can be done for an existing site. Contact us to see what we can do for your site!

On page

Full services to optimize your site and make it pretty for Google and friends.

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Off page

Backlinks are still ridiculously important, but can be complete time bombs if done incorrectly.

Paid Search

Pay per click campaigns make sense in certain situations. We can help figure out if it's right for you.

ForeFront Web provides SEO in Columbus and throughout the US. Contact us today - we love talking search!