Mobile Friendly Websites

We're not saying you should drive and surf. We're just saying you could.

Not thinking mobile? You should be.

A Little About a Big Thing

Simply put, a mobile site is one that can be viewed easily on any size screen, be it a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. And lest we become a nation of people with "squinty-face", we're busy creating sites that are easy to use on tiny screens.

It's important to know that there's a couple of options available to make your site mobile compatible:

+ Responsive site

Responsive sites resize themselves to fit within the screen size. If you happen to be viewing this site in a traditional browser window, go ahead and test drive it. Resize your window, and marvel at the way the content squishes and stacks to account for the window size. Cool, eh?

This is a great solution for anyone building a new site, since we have to recode the entire site from the ground up. And for all the school kids out there - pay attention in math class, because responsive sites are all about percentages and ratios.

Want to learn more? Here you go:

+ Mobile site versions

Another option is to create a mobile version of your site. It's typically a scaled down version of your full site, and specially programmed to look great in small windows. When someone using a mobile device visits your site, the code is smart enough to show them the mobile version.

This is a great solution for folks that are happy with their site and not ready to redevelop it. It's also a great idea for companies with big sites - you can pare down the content and deliver just what would be relevant to a mobile user.

Which to choose?

Our experts (the guys with tape on their glasses) will work with you to determine what makes the most sense for your site. Either way, you'll be doing your part to prevent squinty-face, and on behalf of humans everywhere, we thank you.

Hit us up today; we'd love to help.